Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Latin Show (July 22, 2007) playlist

Here's the playlist for those who missed my show this past Sunday:

1. Monguito - Lindo Guaguanco
2. George Guzman - Cacumen
3. Vitin Aviles - Sufre
4. Tito Rodriguez y Su Orquesta - Payaso
5. Jack Constanzo & His Afro-Cuban Band - Melado de Cana
6. La Playa Sextet - Salta Perico
7. Trio Lissbet - Black Tears
8. Los Pleneros De La 21 - Traigo un Coco
9. Orquesta Revolucion '70 - Llego La Revolucion
10. Adalberto Santiago - Fuego y Candela
11. Tony Pabon y La Protesta - Madre
12. Orquesta Guarare - Que Linda Te Ves

Much thanks to Meshes of the Afternoon, Revolucion, No?, and Pepanito for each contributing a track to my playlist through their own fantastic blogs.

Some have asked whether or not I archive my shows. Unfortunately, I can't distribute my show as it puts WCBN, as opposed to just myself, at legal risk, and I love WCBN far too much to walk that line. The good news is that most of these songs will be featured in future uploads, so you'll hear it all eventually!

And, if you missed this show, I am hosting the Latin Show again this upcoming Sunday on July 29th. Tune in, as I'll be doing a small tribute to Hector Lavoe to celebrate the release of the biographical film El Cantante. You can listen online here.

On that last note, I don't want to give the surprise away, but check back very soon, you won't be disappointed. That's all I'll say for now.....


wacco said...
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wacco said...

Julio, Change "ES Eterno" for "ERES Eterno" I love your blog and I think your perspective is on the money. FYI: I produced most of Hector's solo recordings. That means I picked the material, arrangers (or arranged myself) and the personnel. At think point, I think I have distilled my commentary of the movie El Cantante more succinctly. Although they had the best intentions. They should have focused less on Hector's tragedy and more on his legacy.

Keep the good stuff coming

Un abrazo

Willie Colon

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