Sunday, September 9, 2007

Still alive, and now a Metro-Rican

Hey guys, sorry for the dearth of posts in here, I've been busy moving and adjusting to a new place and school. I now call Washington, D.C. my home, and I'm reaping the benefits of living in a (bigger) city. Case in point: this weekend, I'm seeing Willie Colon AND Eddie Palmieri, so stay tuned for pictures and reviews.

And don't think that the music has disappeared. I've spent much of the past month listening to a lot of new and excellent stuff, and I'm certainly going to pass it on to all of you. That being said, I have a much busier schedule now, which means a few changes to this blog are forthcoming. I've always tried to make this blog more than just a mere depository for mp3s by adding background information, anecdotes, and opinions, hoping to bring the music to life for novice and veteran listeners alike. However, this requires a lot of time and research (a single album post can take 2-3 hours), and I just don't have that kind of time anymore. Letting this blog bite the dust, however, is even less of an option.

This means that I can either 1) make my posts more sparse, but with the same quality of information and depth as my past posts, or I can 2) make more frequent posts but with little to no embellishment. Granted, I haven't been so hot with updating regularly as of late, but during the summer I was posting almost every day, or if not, every other day. I'm not sure whether or not I'll go with the more frequent, less quality posts or the less frequent, more quality posts, but if you guys have any preference, speak up. My decision will definitely hinge on what it is you guys appreciate (or don't appreciate) about this blog.

Regardless, stay tuned for music. The Sun of Latin Music lives!


Chapín said...

How about something in between? You post informationless albums on a regular basis, but when you feel like saying something more about a particular song/album, you can write something more extensive.

Glad you're back!

soulbrotha said...

Or you can simply provide a link to another site with extensive information, without having to write it yourself. At least that way, folks have some point of reference. Congrats on your move.

pepanito said...

I agree with you, same for me at Pepanito...I'am always very exited to discover what's coming up at Sun of Latin Music because it's always rare and exceptional! So I miss a bit not to see more frequent posts. Why don't you simply post your albums and put a link for more info on the artists? Then we could share on comments, opinions, more links, additional infos, etc...

hope to hear more from you soon!

Pepanito from France

Unknown said...

welcome to dc. check out our dc salsa meetup group if you wanna dance. maybe i'll see you at the willie colon concert. and what's this about eddie palmieri?

Unknown said...

yeah i like the idea of a combination. postings regulary, cuz it's so good, combined with occasional in deptht stuff that turns you on. that way you can also stay connected in a way that is flexible...
plus we get to take all the great music and thoughtfulness...
best of both?

ponceesponce said...
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ponceesponce said...

Some of the best exponents of this music are still alive and they are a great living, walking repository of the history of this music. I would not like to see your blog rehash what others have said. I am hungry for perspective, content, context that first, helps me understand why so many diverse groups connect to/with this music. And second, an exposition that tries to highlight the creative process that supports this music, the actual arrangements, the composers, the not so subtle meaning behind the words. You clearly have a way with words. I would love to see your blog become the digital repository of the oral history of this music, as told to you by its members. And that does not require frequent postings but it will require a different strategy on how to tap into the existing “wells” of that knowledge. For starters, you say you are going to see Willie Colon and Palmieri in DC? Most people will go see him only to listen to his songs and, of course, dance. But what about him as a creator, as a person? Who is the person behind the public persona? Let him know in advance you’ll be there and get a 10 minute interview!!!! Now that would be a post!

the jazzman said...

There are plenty of places to download just music. Your comments are appreciated and add a lot (I think). In any event, keep up the great work and good luck in DC.

keegan said...

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